Rosie, She is her own special character and marches to a diffferent drummer. 

Sharaden Bewitched Northwind

Gra-winds Song to SnowyBleu

AM/CAN CH Mobears No More Mr Nice Guy

Sanekats Snowybleu Cheyenne

CH Sanekats Eric the Red

CH Tundra's Keikewabic Yukon

CH Keikewabic's Akela

CH SaneKats Sharaden Diamond Lil

CH Sanekats Matanuska Du Nord

CH Kwik-Pak Silvercloud at Starlight

CH Adair "N" Hug's Stratigic move

CH Nanuke's Revolutionary

CH Adair's Kyrie

CH Moon Songs Go the Distance

CH Sno Klassic In Your Face

CH Moon Song's Driving Me Crazy

Spiritrun's Good Day Sunshine

CH Quinault's Catch Me If Yukon

Ch Adair "N" Hugrevolutionary Thor

CH Quinault's Indecent Proposal

CH Spiritrun's Arctic Crystal

CH Nanukes Take No Prisoners

Keikewabic's Agassiz of Tundra