Vinny! Another super sweet dog with a great working attitude. This dog can go miles. Born October 31, 2012

Sharaden Bewitched Northwind

Gra-winds Song to SnowyBleu

AM/CAN CH Mobears No More Mr Nice Guy

Sanekats Snowybleu Cheyenne

CH Sanekats Eric the Red

CH Tundra's Keikewabic Yukon

CH Keikewabic's Akela

CH SaneKats Sharaden Diamond Lil

CH Sanekats Matanuska Du Nord

Keikewabic Kiaranuk Snoblujojo

CH Kiaranuk Keikewabic Spitnimage

CH Spiritrun's Tyetu Keikewabic

AM/Can CH Nanukes Take No Prisoners

CH Keikewabic's Agassiz of Tundra

CH Keikewabic's Keesha

CH Outriggers Red Wolf

CH Keikewabic's Kimo 2nd

CH Snoquests Keikewabic 2nd Chance

Keikewabic Snoquest's Chance

CH Ruta Norte Crazy-Horse

Ch keikewabic's Tundra Rainsong

Snoquest Rising Starr

CH Outriggers Summit

CH Snoquest's She's Adventurous