Snowybleu's Xclusive Details   (Rumor)

10 months

GCH CH Gra-wind's Bring It On


AM/CAN CH Mobears No More Mr Nice Guy

CH Mobears Mountain Man

CH WolfDance Doubelieven Magic

CH Baylor's Video King

SnowyBleu's Cats Me-ow

Totem's Sweet Destiny

CH Totem's Prince of Peace

CH Sno Shire's Slicker Than Ice

Baylor's Princess Toadstool

Totem's Timeless Treasure

Totem's Skyking O'Kip

Totem's Sheba Lee

Snowybleu's Arctic Dancer

Sharaden Bewitched Northwind

Gra-winds Song to SnowyBleu

AM/CAN CH Mobears No More Mr Nice Guy

Sanekats Snowybleu Cheyenne

CH Sanekats Eric the Red

CH Tundra's Keikewabic Yukon

CH Keikewabic's Akela

CH SaneKats Sharaden Diamond Lil

CH Sanekats Matanuska Du Nord